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Interaction with games on a new, impressive level. This has never been done before. Sitting at home, you can travel through ancient Egypt or fight in space for a new planet. Since what's happening in the device seems real, the emotions are genuine.
What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a virtual world created with the help of software. Special equipment (virtual reality glasses and helmets, information gloves, gamepads.
VR with the effect of full immersion
This kind of immersion requires a realistic simulation of the world with the most accurate detail, a powerful computer and special equipment.
VR Without Immersion
This kind is used to create 3D objects in industrial design, architecture, archaeological research, etc.
VR with shared infrastructure
These are different virtual worlds, for example, for which they have already created a separate version under VR, if the users wear a virtual reality helmet
How virtual reality glasses work
Open your left eye, but close your right eye - if you have done everything correctly, you will probably notice that the object has shifted slightly to the side.
To better understand what we are talking about, conduct a small experiment: 1) focus your vision on a specific object; 2) close your left eye with your hand and memorize the object's location;
Inside the VR headset there is a screen with a partition or two separate displays with a viewing area of 110o, which means that you will not see the edges of the screen with your side vision. Each screen displays a slightly modified picture for each eye, a stereoscopic effect.
VR helmets for consoles and personal computers
For a complete immersion in virtual reality, advanced VR helmets are used, working in tandem with modern consoles or personal computers.
VR glasses for smartphones
Mobile virtual reality devices are the simplest, using the smartphone screen as the screen. They are more correctly called VR glasses.
These types of virtual reality helmets allow you to touch the future today, but have hardware and software limitations.
Types of virtual reality glasses
The advantages of a modern electronic device are considered:
Attractive design and reliable case.
The presence of additional modes and sensors. Gyroscopic insertion, accelerometer and sensor
Full compatibility with game consoles.
Virtual glasses can be used not only for computer games, but also for watching movies.
Mobility. Most models of VR glasses are wireless. You do not need to buy a special communication cable to interact with your computer or smartphone.
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